Cheaper Alternatives to Monitored Home Security

What Are the Cheaper Alternatives To Monitored Home Security Systems?

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Are you considering investing in a monitored security system for your home; but worried about the cost?

There?s no doubting the peace-of-mind having your home?s security system monitored in real-time can bring. Just the knowledge that someone, somewhere, is watching over your place from afar. That at the first sign of trouble help could be on its way.
This peace-of-mind comes at a cost, however. A cost that, sadly, many of us are unable to afford.

So What Alternatives Are There, to Expensive Monitored Security?

In other articles on this site, we talk about things you can do to lessen your risks of becoming a target in the first place. The absolute cheapest things you can do to boost your home?s security are the things you do yourself.

Things like:

  • Locking doors and windows. Common sense, I know, but sadly something we are all guilty of forgetting at times.
  • Keeping the area around your home clear of convenient hiding places. A burglar will often hide close to the premises to work out the quickest and easiest way in. Bushes, shrubbery etc can be their best friend, and your worst enemy.
  • Getting to know your neighbours. None of us wants to live in each other?s pockets, but a casual friendship, where you each take an interest in what goes on in your respective properties, can be mutually beneficial. Let them know if you?re going to be away from home for a while.
  • Getting involved with Neighborhood Watch is another great way of fostering the spirit of co-operation among those living nearby.

Surveillance Equipment.

Over the past couple of decades, home security technology has surged ahead in leaps and bounds. Cameras, listening devices, alarms ? all related security products ? are now more efficient than ever and can be bought for a fraction of what they once cost.

A three-year contract with a monitoring company could set you back thousands, and still may not actually protect your home from an attack. However, one or two good, discretely installed security cameras, can go a long way towards bridging that gap. There are some excellent cameras that you can monitor yourself, from your phone. Others that can be monitored from virtually anywhere in your home.

One very effective alarm system, the Electronic Watchdog, (aka the Barking Dog alarm) emits a realistic recording of a vicious-sounding large dog whenever it senses an intruder. There?s nothing that will get a potential house-breaker to cut and run quicker than the thought of having to deal with an angry hound or two.

Alarms that emit ear-splitting warnings at around 120db or more while simultaneously recording the whole event in audio and HD video can be bought these days for not much more that $100. Money well spent if it prevents just one burglary.

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