HSS Review and Ranking Criteria

Here at HomeSafetySite.com, we take the business of managing a review website seriously.

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We apply the following guidelines to bring you fair and objective lists, rankings, and recommendations on all tools and products featured.

What Does Home Safety Site Consider When Evaluating Reviewed Products?


Obviously, this is probably the reason you might be reading our reviews in the first place. We offer clear, objective opinions regarding the true value-for-money of a particular product regardless of price. We try to include products from a range of price points so you can make an informed choice.


There’s little value to you if the products we recommend aren’t readily available. Availability and customer service are important criteria that we take into account.

Specific Features

Some products will have prominent features that make them stand out from the rest of the marketplace. We look for best-in-class specifications in products we review. The more ?special? features a product carries the more likely we are to review favorably ? providing, of course, that the extra features are actually useful.

Brand Reputation and Product Warranty

The reputation and reliability of a manufacturer need to be considered also. We don’t want to be recommending a product by a company that’s likely to be going out of business any day. Our reviews will take into account how long a wholesaler or manufacturer has been active in the market, as well as their perceived reliability.

Products with extended warranties and strong customer loyalty will be looked on more favorably. We believe longevity is a trademark of good value, and if a company is prepared to offer a longer warranty and back it up with good customer service, we take that into account.

Customer Reviews

This follows along from the above. Every customer has different wants and needs, and therefore is likely to have a different experience with using a product.

We take reviews by existing consumers into account whenever possible. Obviously, a product that has many good reviews from existing users must be doing something right. Our reviewers will sort through comments from verified customers and take their opinions into account. Sometimes, a product’s strengths and weaknesses only become obvious after purchase.

What Does HomeSafetySite.com Consider When Comparing Service Providers?

Value For Money

As with products ? as mentioned above ? true value-for-money is essential, regardless of price point. We examine pricing packages with special attention to clarity and fairness. Providers with clear, competitive pricing will receive a better score from the Home Safety Site team.

Installation & Set-up

Providers whose installation and set-up process is clear and simple, and whose customers have access to help and resources to help them maintain their systems, will receive more favorable reviews. Things like clear instructions and online guides all become part of the finished package.

Core Technology and Expandability

Requirements such as smart home connectivity, control hub, mobile app access, professional monitoring, and many more features are fast becoming the norm today.

Home service providers must meet a number of minimum technology requirements to be considered a top contender in today?s market. This should also extend to optional expansion of both hardware and software.?

Here at HHS, we believe that expandable, scalable home service systems are likely to be most beneficial to our readers. After evaluating the core technology outlined above, we take into account whether or not the provider offers favorable optional features such as back-up connectivity, hazard/environmental monitoring, GPS, online dashboards and smart home integration. More robust systems receive higher rankings.

Contract Flexibility or Trial Periods

Consumers should have enough time to test whether a home service meets their needs and expectations. Therefore, any service provider?s review is affected by the trial period, coverage and ease of service cancellation. A company that offers a longer trial period, has greater coverage terms and/or an easier cancellation process will a receive higher score.

Brand Recognition, Reputation, and Warranty

Indications of brand recognition include longevity, Better Business Bureau rating, industry awards, popular demand, business growth, customer satisfaction, a demonstrated history of responding to customer feedback, and many other things.

We do factor brand reputation into service providers? overall rankings.