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Best carbon monoxide detectors

The Best Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors of 2020

By Guest Writer Alicia Sa

Carbon monoxide, or CO, has been called the ?Silent Killer? ? and with good reason.

Whenever any product burns, a certain amount of carbon monoxide is created, along with other chemicals. What makes CO so dangerous in the home, in addition to its toxicity, is the fact that it is colorless, odorless, and tasteless.
CO is usually formed due to incomplete combustion. When anything burns, the carbon component usually produces carbon dioxide Combination fire and carbon monoxide alarm image(CO2). When there?s less oxygen available, such as when the fire is in an enclosed space, carbon monoxide will be produced.
CO is itself combustible, so in the right circumstances can ignite and contribute to the existing fire.

In an enclosed environment such as a house or apartment, a buildup of CO can be deadly.
Carbon monoxide is lighter than CO? or oxygen, so without sufficient airflow will tend to build up in the higher areas of the dwelling ? upstairs sleeping areas, for example. We can?t smell or taste it, so will have no indication of the danger.

The Symptoms and Toxic Effects of Carbon Monoxide Ingestion.

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